Student Council

Do you want to improve the school Next Year?  Run for Class Student Council. 

Election Forms are due April 19th to Tom in the Main Office. Election is April 26th.

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“For the students, by the students”

The student government consists of Student Council and the Leadership Class. The student government plans and coordinates student activities, promotes understanding and unity among students and faculty and parents, and represents the students' needs and concerns in all areas of student life. The Student Council consists of Associated Student Body (ASB) officers who represent the entire school, and officers from each class. Student Council meetings are held at least once a month during the school year and all students are invited to participate. Students with questions or concerns can contact their class or ASB officers at any time. All fundraising activities or spending by any part of the student government, including class officers or the Leadership Class, must be approved by the Student Council and coordinated with the Assistant Principal for Activities, and the Principal. In 1994, the ASB adopted a constitution which recognizes that all students have the following rights and privileges:

  • to speak freely and responsibly.
  • to petition the student council or the principal to address concerns and grievances.
  • to be free from any form of discrimination.
  • to have a safe and secure school environment.
  • to learn free from unwanted distraction.
  • to have a campus free from illegal substance abuse.


ASB Officers (2024-2025)

President: Champ Morrisey
Vice President: Elijah Hope
Secretary/Communications: Sophie D'Orazio Lelli
Treasurer: Sabrina Ornellas
Spirit Leader: Kennedy Brough


ASB Officers (2023-2024)

President: Evan Collier
Vice President: Sophia Longman
Director of Communications: Olivia Esajian
Secretary: Helena Miller
Treasurer: Ella Blair
Spirit Leader: Rylinn MacDonald


Senior Class Officers

President: Marin DeGraw
Vice President: Ella Finch
Secretary: Ian Stout

Treasurer: Neill Safreno
Spirit Leader:  Olivia Vieira


Junior Class Officers

Presidents: Josiah Walla

Vice President: Kennedy Brough
Secretary: Sophie D'Orazio Lelli
Treasurer: Stokes Wahlen
Spirit Leader: Matt Kenefick


Sophomore Class Officers

President: Xavier Edwards
Vice President: Ava Wright

Secretary: Gwen Jacobson
Treasurer: Marlee Hanson
Spirit Leader: Andrew Orr


Freshmen Class Officers

President: Connor Smith
Vice President: Micah Hoffman

Secretary: Mariposa Morrisey
Treasurer: Bella Ciampi
Spirit Leader: Kiera Riley