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Board of Regents

The Board of Regents at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School is established by the Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey as a board of limited jurisdiction in order to assist in the governance of the school in partnership with the school Principal. The Board addresses planning and policy issues pertaining to the general excellence of Catholic education at MCP in alignment with the MCP identity documents approved by the Bishop.
The Board’s primary concern is the ministry of Catholic school education: the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the students. The Board operates in conformity with the policies of the Diocese of Monterey.
The Board of Regents has responsibility to provide direction and prudent counsel to the school in the following areas:
    - Strategic Planning
    - Finance
    - Facilities
    - Marketing/Enrollment
    - Development/Institutional Advancement
    - Mission Effectiveness
    - Evaluation of Board Function
Board of Regents Members
    Chris Blake, President
    Maureen Trevisan, Vice President
    Davida Mello, Secretary
    Toney Breault ‘89
    LeBren Harris
    Mark Kowall
    Brendan Morris ‘89
    Bill Mott ‘94
    Ziyad Nacasha
    Dr. Mareeni Stanislaus
    Mike Wozniak
Ex-Officio Board of Regent Members
    Michael Susank, Principal
    Jessica Gingerich, Parents Association President
Board of Regents Staff Support
    Ryan Weisenberg, Director of Mission Advancement & Enrollment