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Student Life » Prom 2021 & Freshmen/Sophomore Dance

Prom 2021 & Freshmen/Sophomore Dance

MCP Prom 2021 & Freshmen/Sophomore Dance Information


MCP has been approved to offer Prom 2021 and a Freshmen/Sophomore Dance! For MCP students to participate, they must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Face Masks are required
  • All students are required to get tested for Covid-19 on the Wednesday prior to the dance and retain a negative test result before admittance to the dance. Click here to find a testing location near you.
  • No food will be served
  • Only MCP students can attended
  • Other rules pertaining to MCP dances can be found in the Student Handbook on page 36-37 found in MCP Community.
  • Please see the following attachments for full details.
PROM 2021  - "Night Under the Stars" - May 15th - 8:00-10:00 PM - Town of Harmony
(Seniors & Juniors Only)
Freshmen/Sophomore Dance  - "Night of a Thousand Lights" - May 22nd - 8:00-10:00 PM - MCP Courtyard
(Freshmen & Sophomores Only)