Tuition Assistance and Scholarships

The education at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School is a significant and impactful investment in a child’s future.  However, we understand that raising a family in our community is expensive.  MCP is committed to operating with the highest degree of financial stewardship, thus keeping the costs of attendance as low as possible.  The vast majority of our financial aid resources are distributed annually through our need-based, Tuition Assistance program.  That program is limited in its resources and it is almost always the case that the needs of our families exceed the available funding for the year.  For this reason it is vital that families meet all deadlines and are proactive in their communication.  Two Merit Scholarships are also available to incoming freshmen.  Any questions about the process or the requirements of financial aid should be directed promptly to our Business Office.


Tuition Assistance Information

  • 2024–2025 Tuition cost $18,779 (tuition and capital improvement fee)
  • Total tuition assistance awarded for the 2023–2024 school year was over $1,000,000
  • Average award $6,000

Tuition Assistance Application Steps

  • The student must complete the Admissions Application to Mission College Prep.
  • The family must complete the FACTS Grant Aid & Assessment application. The link to the online FACTS tuition assistance application can be found here:

FACTS Tuition Assistance Application Review Process


  • Tuition Assistance Applications for 2024/2025 Academic Year are open from November 20, 2023 - January 31, 2024.
  • FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will complete an analysis of all completed applications for tuition assistance and then provide MCP with an assessment.
  • The MCP Tuition Assistance Committee reviews the assessment and makes final allocations based upon the school’s Tuition Assistance budget for the year.
  • Mission College Prep will notify families of their awards prior to Early Registration in March provided a family’s FACTS Application was completed and submitted by the deadline. 
  • Tuition Assistance Applications completed after January 31, 2024 will be processed as received but funding cannot be guaranteed after this date (even if a family received Tuition Assistance in the past).

Merit Scholarship Information

Mission College Prep offers two merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen:

  • Valedictorian Scholarship
  • Mission Scholarship


Both merit-based scholarships provide an award of $2,500 toward the family’s MCP tuition and are renewable each year of attendance at Mission College Prep.


The Valedictorian Scholarship is automatically awarded to any and all incoming freshmen who have been designated the Valedictorian of their graduating 8th grade class.  Verification by the outgoing school principal is required.  Renewal is automatic if a student maintains an appropriate minimum GPA in their time at MCP.


The Mission Scholarship is awarded annually to up to two (2) incoming 9th grade students, selected for their exemplary personal qualities, reflecting the Mission Statement of our school which seeks to “form women and men of Scholarship and Inspiration, and Leadership.” This award seeks to affirm and ignite students who have demonstrated a high commitment to all three of these areas.  A student may do so through a variety of interests including serving their church or faith community, earning high grades, participating in the Performing Arts, Volunteering, 4H, Entrepreneurship, and/or Athletics, but the emphasis is on development in all the ways that God has called us to grow: in mind, in body, and in spirit.  Renewal is based a student demonstrating the same high commitment to all three areas: Scholarship, Inspiration, and Leadership, while enrolled at MCP.


Any incoming 9th graders with a minimum 3.0 GPA may apply for this scholarship.  Applicants need to submit completed applications to the MCP Director of Enrollment by April 24, 2024.  Applications must include:


  • Cover Sheet with Student Name and Current School
  • Typed Essay (Max. 1500 words)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (non-family members)
  • Official Transcript for 7th grade and 1st semester 8th grade


Essay Prompt:  The Mission College Prep mission statement reads:

"Mission College Prep creates a culture of care and accountability in partnership with families to form women and men of scholarship, inspiration, and leadership in service to deeper life with God and deeper life with one another."

Please define what scholarship, inspiration and leadership mean to you and share how you live out these values in your life.



Students who receive a merit-based scholarship remain eligible to for need-based Tuition-Assistance awards.


Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Does MCP offer athletic or academic or arts scholarship?
    • A: Nearly all financial aid at MCP is in the form of Tuition Assistance which is exclusively based on a family’s financial need.  MCP does not offer Athletic scholarships or Arts Scholarships but does recognize general excellence through the annual Mission Scholarship (see above).
    • Q: Does tuition stay the same every year?
    • A: MCP is committed to operating with a high degree of financial stewardship but our operational costs do go up every year and tuition is the primary source of our operational revenue.  Historically there is a 4% to 8% tuition increase annually.  Tuition for the next academic year is published in the spring.  The rate is determined by the Finance Committee of the MCP Board of Regents, with approval from the Diocese of Monterey. 
    • Q: Is there a tuition discount for siblings?
    • A: Family tuition expenses (for multiple students at MCP, at other Catholic schools, or for older children at College) should be included in a families FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application.  There is no formal Sibling Discount program but tuition expenses are recognized as part of any family’s expenses in our need-based approach.
    • Q: How is financial need determined?
    • A: Mission College Prep uses the services of a third-party recommendation from FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, which is then reviewed by the Mission Prep Tuition Assistance Committee.
    • Q: Will my child's financial aid award change from year to year?
    • A: All MCP Families must reapply for financial aid each year. The school’s Tuition Assistance resources (as well as the number of applicants) do vary from year to year and it is critically important that families meet all deadlines in the application/re-application process.  Just as tuition rates do increase modestly every year, families on Tuition Assistance should expect modest increases in their costs every year.  MCP is committed to operating responsibly in order to make sure those changes are minimized.