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Volunteer Involvement

Parents Association

Parents Association is structured to involve as many people as possible. When we share in the work and growth, no one need be overburdened.

Like the Associated Student Body, the Parents Association has two levels of operation: school-wide level and class level. Within the Parents Association there are many teams facilitating a wide variety of activities. This extensive network was designed to effectively and productively use parent skills and resources to help meet MCP’s needs.

Board of Regents

Board members serve at the behest of the principal in order to provide counsel and strategic direction for Mission Prep. Board members articulate our mission to parents, students, friends and associates. Members provide leadership and credibility for MCP in the community, advocate on behalf of the school, provide strong financial and organizational leadership, and make decisions in alignment of the MCP mission, identifying strategies and activities to help catalyze growth and change for the MCP Community.

Mission Schools Boosters

Mission Schools Boosters is an independent organization that provides support and revenue for Mission College Prep and Old Mission School athletic departments. Involvement and service opportunities with the Boosters include their annual fall auction and the spring golf tournament.