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All In for Mission

Join us for the 4th Annual 24-Hour Giving Challenge!
Are you ready to go All in for Mission? Today is the day we are once again inviting every parent, past parent, alumni, and friend of MCP to go "All In for Mission" and support the school. The goal is 150 donations in 24 hours on February 28th. It is going to incredible, but we can't do it without you!

Be a part of it!

"All in for Mission" began in 2015 when Mission Prep hosted it's first annual one day giving campaign. The goal was 24 donations in 24 hours, but due to our incredible community the result was off the charts. Help us make 2018 our most successful campaign ever by going All In For Mission!

Past Years' Results:
Here are the amounts we've raised in ONE DAY to support of the mission of the school.

2015 - 149 donations and raised $85,721
2016 - 124 donations and raised over $90,000 (matching donor participated)
2017 - 144 donations and raised $23,436

All in for MIssion 2018 Kick Off Message, Grace & Sam
All in for MIssion 2018, Messgae from Dr. Schmoll & Senora Walker