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Liturgies and Prayer Services

At Mission College Prep, we are committed to the Eucharist and the Sacramental life of the Church through monthly mass opportunities and/or prayer services. Our liturgies are celebrated and supported by local priests in the San Luis Obispo area. Primarily by the local Newman Center and Mission de Tolosa.

Below is our liturgy schedule for the 2018-2019 school year.

Liturgy Date Time Location
Feast of the Assumption of Mary August 15th  10am Old Mission Church
Senior/Parent Liturgy September 12th 10am Old Mission Church
October Liturgy October 4th 10am Old Mission Church
All Saints Day November 1 10am Old Mission Church
December Liturgy December 7th  10am Old Mission Church
All Catholic Schools Mass January 29th 11am MCP Gym
February Liturgy February 14th 10am Old Mission Church
Ash Wednesday March 6th 10am Old Mission Church
Final Mass of the Year May 9th 10am Old Mission Church
Baccalaureate Mass May 30th 6:30pm Old Mission Church 

Weekly Masses
Each Thursday we celebrate a mass or communion service in the chapel at the beginning of lunch. The only exception is if our regular all-school liturgy lands on a Thursday.

Gospel Assemblies 
Each month we gather together as community to reflect on our monthly gospel reading and to celebrate student and faculty successes for that month. Below is our Gospel Reflection Schedule.


Gospel Assembly Date Location Time
Thursday, September 6 MCP Gym 9:50am
Wednesday, September 26 MCP Gym 9:50am
Thursday, October 25 MCP Gym 9:50am
Tuesday, November 20 MCP Gym 9:50am
Thursday, January 17 MCP Gym 9:50am
Wednesday, February 6 MCP Gym 9:50am
Wednesday, March 20 MCP Gym 9:50am
Wednesday, May 1 MCP Gym 9:50am