Back to School Country Dance, Saturday August 18th

Dress Code for Fall Country Dance 2018
Saturday, August 18th 8-10pm
Dress Code (Casual)
• Shorts or skirts are to be no shorter than 5-inches above the knee, and slits in dresses and skirts may not be        higher than mid–thigh.
• No midriff, crop tops, or showing of belly.
• Exposed shoulder/spaghetti straps are OK
• Footwear must be worn at all times.
• Ripped jeans are okay
• Sandal type footwear must have a back strap
Not acceptable for dance
• Clothing that is too tight or too loose.
• Any clothing that exposes underwear or midriff.
• Clothing that is sheer or is inappropriately revealing.
• Dresses no lower than mid back.
Above all remember to keep it modest.
If anyone has a question about the Dress Code, they should check with the Dean of Student Life, Mr. Lugo (, bring a photo of themselves in their attire, or bring their attire to school to try on. Again, we want fun for all with no disappointment.
If you bring a guest from another school, it is your responsibility to communicate these expectations to the guest, as the guest will also be held accountable. Our hope is to avoid dress code issues to ensure everyone will be admitted.