MCP Spirit Points - December & January

Spirit Points Totals for December and January:


Coming in last place with 115 points.  The Sophomores

Coming in 3rd place with 124 points the Freshmen

Coming in 2nd place with 130 Points the Seniors

Coming in 1st place with 287 points the Juniors.                       


The Junior Class won another Pizza Party.


Totals for the year so far:


Freshmen 844

Sophomores 893

juniors 1260

Seniors 876                   


Individual leaders (who get a free cookie from the Café)


Mary Marsalek                      43 points (Junior)

Sabrina Ornellas                    37 Points (Junior)

Karlie Erskine                         35 Points (Senior)

Olivia Esajian                          35 Points (Senior)

McKenzie Gordon                  35 Points (freshmen)

Kiera Riley                               35 points (Freshmen)

Reese Wilson                          34 Points (Junior)