CSF Applications for Fall Semester are Now Available

Dear freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students, and parents / guardians,

It’s CSF application time. Here is a bit of info about CSF:

The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. (CSF) is a nonprofit organization that recognizes academic achievement among high school students in California.

Eligible students become members by submitting completed applications based on their most recent (previous) semester’s report card grades. (In your case, FALL semester 2022.)

Membership is applied for each semester and CSF “Lifetime” membership is granted to students who qualify for CSF for a minimum of 4 semesters beginning with their sophomore year and continuing through their senior year. One of those 4 semesters MUST come from a student’s senior year.
Freshmen who qualify are “associates.” Freshman year membership does NOT count toward Lifetime membership.

All CSF “Lifetime” members are eligible to wear the distinguishing gold cords (as well as gold tassels and CSF pins) at both Baccalaureate and Graduation; additionally, a gold seal is affixed to their diplomas.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the student to apply each semester that he or she is eligible.
Students must fill out a “hard copy” of an application form.

Application forms are available in the counseling office on the round table.

Return your completed application to the counseling office. You must hand in your completed application, as opposed to scanning and emailing it.

Please read the entire application before you begin filling out the application. You should find all the information you need to complete the form. Please contact me – Ms. Hamm – at [email protected].

Completed Applications, based on FALL 2022 grades, are due back to the counseling office by Friday, February 3.

Thank you,
Joannie Hamm