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Student Clubs

MCP offers an eclectic selection of club interests. Almost every year 1 or 2 new clubs initiate the chartering process according to the provisions stated in our ASB constitution. Student clubs promote and publish various school activities like drama, student council, Interact, and a variety of other student interests like community service, salt water aquariums, and more.

Each club is overseen by a Faculty Moderator and by a Student Club Coordinator. Our current inventory of clubs is as follows:


Astronomy Club
Advisor: Mr. Thoene

Book Club
Advisor: Mr. Thoene

Drama Club
Advisor: Mrs. Blomfield

Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. Geraghty

Dimensions Dance Team
Advisor: Mrs. Blomfield

Fashion Club
Advisor: Mrs. Christensen

Fish Tank Club
Advisor: Mr. Krossa

French Club
Advisor: Mr. Anderson

Future Physicians of America 
Advisor: Mr. Doughtry

Green Team
Advisor: Mr. Burke

Gay Straight Initiative
Advisor: Mrs. Howard

Hiking Club
Advisor: Ms. Stiers

Humane Society Club
Advisor: Ms. Kern

Improv Club
Advisor: Mrs. Blomfield

Interact Club
Advisor: Mrs. Hamm

International Club
Advisor: Ms. Howard

Junior State of America Club
Advisor: Mr. Waters

Math Club
Advisor: Ms. Lopez

Mind Focus Club
Advisor: Mrs. Blomfield

Mock Trial
Advisor: Ms. Stiers

Music Ministry Club
Advisor: Ms. Marsano

Photography Club
Advisor: Mr. Arena

Ping Pong Club
Advisor: Mr. Krossa

Robotics Club
Advisor: Mr. Crow

Student Council
Advisor: Mr. Krossa
President: Emily Roforgiate
Click Here to read more about Student Council

Student Technology Association Club
Advisor: Mr. Chalfant

Waffle Club
Advisor: Mrs. Randall

Young Americans for Freedom Club
Advisor: Ms. Lopez


Royal Ambassadors
Advisor: Ms. Cronin
Presidents: Maddie Jackson and Julian Maze