Parent Service Hours

Thank you for your service to MCP. Parent Service is an important aspect of supporting MCP and helping control financial expenses. Please report all hours of service to MCP, including those in excess of 15. Reporting all hours volunteered helps MCP in other ways, like accreditation evaluation, receiving grants, etc. You are encouraged to submit hours as you complete them.

Regarding refreshments, the Board of Regents has set the following policy: 
Store bought: $25 of refreshments = one service hour. Provide copy of receipt to business office with name. 
Homemade: 4 dozen homemade cookies, or equivalent of homemade refreshments = one service hour. 

By April 15, submit either a minimum of 15 completed hours, or the portion of those hours you plan to complete after April 15. Hours performed after April 15th may be counted for this year or next. After April 15th, an option to apply your hours to the next school year will be available. If you enter hours that you plan to perform in the future, you must also submit the actual hours volunteered once they are performed. 

Questions? Contact Gwenn Krossa at or (805) 543-2131 x402

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