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Parents Association

Welcome! As an MCP parent you are automatically part of the MCP Parents Association. Our mission is to support MCP and build community. We invite you to get involved. Together we can make MCP be the best it can be for our daughters and sons. This page gives you valuable information to connect and get involved.  Click on the links.

Volunteer Sign Ups

  • August:  TBD
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Private Documents 

For privacy concerns, the following documents are on Canvas. Canvas will require you to log in.

Volunteer Clearance 

  • Volunteer and Driver Clearance 2017-18
    A letter to parents detailing the requirements for volunteering and driving.
  • Virtus - Protecting God's Children
    All volunteers are required to complete this online training. Instructions for creating an account and which training to complete can be found by clicking the link above. This training will take approximately 60-75 minutes to complete, with a certificate once completed that will need to be turned in to Lori Wooldridge's office. .
  • Kitchen Use Clearance 2018-19
    An overview of the necessary requirements to use or assist in MCP's Kitchen. 
  • Kitchen Use Guidelines 2018-19
    Guidelines for parent volunteer use of the Café Royale kitchen.